Multiple Job Posting in One Go – Broadbean Online Job Distribution

Online Job Posting Tools

Recruitment is a multifaceted procedure encompassing controlling the hiring requirements, publishing job ads on numerous platforms, finalizing resumes and conducting interviews. Each of the recruitment activities is crucial, but, advertising jobs on various platforms including social media channels and job boards is a tedious and time-taking practice.

When all’s said and done, businesses review the performance of their human resource team considering the number of candidates interviewed and hired. The multiple in-between process that takes quality time is overlooked. Therefore, it becomes decisive to save time for HR leaders.

On the other hand, if one posts job adverts manually, it consumes a lot of energy. The basic reason of posting job adverts on multiple platforms is businesses can’t be completely dependent on a few numbers of job advertisement if they have aimed for the fastest results. Here, it is more essential to put the efforts on quality hiring through diverting more time from semi-crucial business practices towards organizing successful interviews.

If you are already an established business, job-seekers can easily locate you through your mobile optimized career site. But, if you are a startup or growing company, job seekers might not be able to find you due to less popularity as a growing business. Above all, the combat is to protect the time whether you are an established business or a growing one.

How we can save the time on job posting activities? Is there any way to do so? Is there any solution available for multi-posting on one go?

Broadbean Job Distribution

Broadbean Online Job Distribution” is one of the latest SaaS based HR technologies that save your time on posting jobs on various channels in one go. It helps you automate your pre-hire recruitment process and help you save time that you can invest on other important aspects of your business.

How it works?

  • 3 simple steps to multiple platforms.
  • Job posting to over 7,000 job boards and social sites all at once.
  • Automatic job posting on Twitter ensuring the posted jobs are able to establish employment brand.
  • Following candidates is easy from the applications through the seamless integration into your HR systems.
  • Recruitment performance metrics helps you strategize better.
  • Easy performance tracking of the jobs posts.

Broadbean Job Distribution is not limited to posting job adverts. Actually, this SaaS based online job posting software increases business exposure, creates brand value, provides control over all the platforms where jobs have been posted, manages response of the candidate easily, capitalizes on the money you spend, and keeps an eye on the performance.


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