Debunked: The Power of an Internal Candidate Resume Database

US Resume Database

Us resume database

21st-century recruitment market is a candidate-centric market. Online recruitment technologies have enabled hiring professionals to connect with more candidates at shorter intervals while allowing candidates to look for better career options worldwide. With candidates in power, recruiters are required to buckle up and fight the fierce competition ahead.

Facts You Must Be Aware of:

  • LinkedIn has crossed over 400 Million user base.
  • Growth in the number and size of online job portals.
  • The growth of social media hiring, especially on Twitter & Facebook.
  • Growth in recruitment technology, especially cloud-based hiring solutions.

Concerns of Recruiters

We are aware of the fact that almost every recruiter use an online recruitment tool such as LinkedIn or a job portal to post jobs and search best-fit candidate. While this was an added benefit few years back, currently it has become the biggest loophole that a recruitment system can have.

In short, if an HR professional depends on the sources used by everyone else, why do you think a candidate should engage with them? What unique value do you provide?

Today, in order to hire top talent a recruiter needs to do something that others don’t – searching and engaging with the top talents for their firm. To do so, a hiring professional must be a specialist of their domain and they should not only be able to understand the job specifics but also where to look for relevant candidates.

Today, a candidate that you are interested in is also being considered by others. How can you be sure that the talent you have finalized is unique?

One of the best ways to do so is by developing an internal candidate resume database. An in-house resume database allows you to create a pool of talent who are not only engaged but have also shown some interest in joining your firm at one point of time. All that you need is to look for a relevant match and connect with them.

An organization can create their own pool of talent with the help of a career site. But, if you don’t have one then buying a ready-to-use candidate resume database should help.

CareerBuilder’s Candidate Resume Database – Overview

This technology has an inbuilt pool of over 45 Million resumes from CareerBuilder’s candidate resume database and Recruitment Edge which instantly provides a recruiter access to a total of over 90 Million profiles with contact information, skill sets and experience level.

Developed through aggregation of over 460 million public profiles extracted from a dozen online sources – this is a unique database that a recruiter can possess. The database comes with a power of Boolean Search and insight/report generation enabled by integrating CareerBuilder’s Talentstream Supply & Demand Tool and Broadbean Resume Search technologies.

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