How Has the Technology Changed The HR Recruitment Process Worldwide?

HR Recruitment Software

Rewind twenty years and imagine the recruitment process that involved faxed and mailed resumes, job adverts over newspapers, a hard copy of applications and manual interview calls to the candidates. Time consumed and proximity of landing to a job was minimal.

Now fast-forward to 2016 and take a deep look at current hiring process. It has changed dramatically for both recruiting agency and the candidates. With internet and cloud technologies, recruitment has been revolutionized in the 21st century.

Hr Recruitment Software

How these changes occurred?

Changes within human resource process were not sudden. It started long ago with the arrival of globalization and virtual technologies. Both of these factors forced organizations to develop a process with global reach.

  1. Job Boards

First and foremost recruitment software that took over the HR industry was job boards. With web 2.0, these job boards not only helped organizations develop single podium for recruiters and candidates, but they also enabled HR professionals with thousands of candidate data. These data prior job boards were scattered and mostly unavailable to recruiting professionals. These channels also allowed hiring managers to connect with a potential candidate.

Today, there are thousands of job boards performing similar functionalities worldwide. However, the software and technology being used these days are faster and reliable than those used 10 years ago.

2. Social Media

With 59% penetration rate, social media have become an essential part of the current population worldwide. People from every age group, belief and requirement are accessing social media. These channels have changed the way communication happens in the 21st century.

With millions of people using social media channels, these platforms have become a primary mode of communication for recruiters as well. Millions of public data allow recruiters to search and connect with a potential candidate. It is also one of the greatest tools for candidate engagement.

  1. Mobile App

Another major technical modification that changed recruitment functions globally was the rise of mobile applications. With the growth of smartphones and mobile gadgets, usage of mobile data increased and hence created a demand for mobile-friendly applications.

Today, every company looking to develop an engaged talent pool owns an optimized mobile app. Mobile applications make it handy for job seekers to search relevant job opening and simultaneously allows recruiters to engage as well as connect with candidates with minimal restrictions.

  1. Cloud Computing

Another major recruitment technology changing hiring functions is ‘Cloud Computing’. Cloud technologies have changed the way companies hire today. Advanced job posting software, social media distribution technology, mobile applications, virtual database management system and HR analytical tools have changed the course of human resource industry. Implementation of these advanced cloud technologies tops the list of organizations looking to take maximum benefit out of their recruitment efforts.

However, current recruitment scenario is constantly changing and the winners will be required to use the advancements effectively while companies will have to remain updated to lessen ongoing competition.

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