2 Most important employee retention strategies that you know but don’t implement

Even if the world market is in decline, the need for keeping quality workers remains to be a precedence among supervisors and HR (Human Resource) professionals. The demand to keep the greatest overalls is at its peak if firms happen to be chucking out workers after month. All things considered, no matter the state of the market, the fact remains: you should keep your very best workers.

The employee retention function is more of a managerial role, as opposed to an HR function. All things considered, “employees do not leave businesses, but managers.” To this consequence, it’s just rational that employee retention strategies need certainly have to deal with the managers.

Here are several excellent employee retention strategies:

  1. Recognise their achievements.

Employee acknowledgement is among the leading types of motivation. Thus, you must use this strategy for one to keep your most valuable finds.

Acknowledge them, when they have done something special. Allow the other employees understand that your employee is in responsible for this kind of ridiculous proposition, or for this type of breakthrough idea.

Recognition, on the other hand, also means recognising the not-so-good things that the workers have done and it is one of the most talented employee’s retention strategies. Just make sure you keep the reprimand in private. By letting the employees perceive that you are informed of his “failures,” you are revealing that you do care for them. You are demonstrating that since you happen to be constantly after their welfare, nothing they will do goes unnoticed.

  1. Do not be an evil boss

Once more, remember that employees leave the company due to a poor relationship with their managers. It’s likely that they are going to leave a job since they are not in tune with their boss in contrast to when they aren’t satisfied with their compensation and benefits package.

While following employee retention strategies, it is significant you have leadership skills and the appropriate management as well. You should be accessible, but not available. You must not be too close for comfort, although you should be close to your direct reports. Moreover, you should be a good listener but keep a particular amount of professional space.

When your employees see that you will be someone to be depended on upon and to be trusted, then seldom will they ever entertain the idea of moving to another firm.

Therefore, employees will believe they are valuable to the team. They are going to believe that their contributions – fail or pass – are being valued. They are going to think their work is taken into consideration.

Being a manager is a demanding job. It requires lots of control. It requires lots of ability to keep the best employees content and fulfilled under your wing.


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