HIPO Talent: Important to Know Their Importance

Organizations taking part in talent survey and progression arranging regularly recognize a subset of employees known as “High Potential Employees.” High Potential employees (HIPOs) display numerous skills and attributes, normally connected to the limit and slant to see things in a more extensive setting.

In particular, HIPOs:

  • Look for information and see the more extensive view
  • Show drive and animosity
  • Put their business in all out attack mode
  • Integrate data for choices
  • Balance innate strains amongst short and long haul, different constituents, and openings and snags
  • Are mentally legitimate and disappointed with the norm
  • Have honesty and legitimacy.


What’s more, HIPOs are portrayed as those having an abnormal state of Capacity, Aspiration, and Engagement:


mental and psychological agility, passionate insight, sound specialized/practical skills, and solid interpersonal skills


a powerful urge for acknowledgment, progression, and impact. Proper expectations with respect to the exchange offs between dangers, rewards, and work-life balance.


passionate and level headed duty and plan to remain with the organization, bringing about elevated amounts of activity and exertion

HIPOs are half more important to the business than center workers since they display 21% higher execution levels. In any case, if not created and supported, the estimation of this advantage can rapidly disintegrate.

Of all the Talent Management exercises organizations can take part in, distinguishing and overseeing HIPO talent has the greatest effect on accomplishing business results. Exercises connected with HIPO talent management include:

  • Career path mapping
  • Extend job assignments
  • Singular advancement arranging
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Activity learning encounters
  • Propelled education

What actions are you taking to distinguish and manage the HIPO talent in your organization?

Realize that identifying and retaining HIPO talent at the right stage is vital to ensure the growth of your employer brand.

What is your HIPO program? Kindly do share your feedback with us.


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