5 Ways to Source Job Candidates via Facebook

Candidate Sourcing

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Hiring the perfect job candidate is a Herculean task indeed. Sourcing job candidates for the best job role is a challenge that recruiters face on and off. Even in present times, when social recruiting is at its, peak, some find it truly difficult to tap the best possible talent.

So, when it comes to candidate sourcing, how does one do it? Some are not aware as to how to properly leverage the power of social recruiting tools.

Facebook, the world’s prominent social networking site happens to be one of the favourable space for candidate sourcing. With around 1.86 billion (2016 figures) active users, Facebook is definitely one of the best place to source candidates.

However, how does one dot it? How does one recruit via Facebook? Let’s take a look:

#1. Create company FB page

The first step towards leveraging the power of candidate sourcing via Facebook is to create a company FB page. Create a company page or a company careers page and update it with relevant content on a regular basis. Whether it is motivational quotes or something to do with direct job opening, do that without any second thoughts.

#2. Post jobs directly

You can post your job openings directly on your company’s Facebook page and then route candidates to your Careers page to provide further information and an application form. Hiring managers and team members can also share job ads on their Facebook profiles. Create engaging content to attract candidates. You can also design informative Facebook ads.

#3. Implement other indirect marketing methods

Implementing indirect marketing methods on Facebook is a great way to sourcing candidates. Here, as a company, you need to boost your employer branding strategies as well. For this, you can encourage your current employees as they are but advocates of your company. Let them express themselves and share their images of the fun-times (pot-luck, festival celebrations) they have in office.

This kind of an effort will garner, more views on your page and create a positive image about your company, that will lure job candidates to work for you. Needless, to say sourcing candidates will become much easier for you as an employer.

#4. Socialize with FB users

Once you have decided to source candidates via Facebook, you have to be pretty active on the site. Make sure that you end up socializing enough with job candidates and users who can turn out to be potential job candidates in the future. You can choose to message them directly by introducing your company and about its vacant positions.

#5. Bolster employee referral activities

While sourcing job candidates, employee referral comes handy. Encourage this aspect of your company and you are bound to come across several good job candidates. Firstly, it’s easy for employees to share job ads and attract job candidates. And second, you’ll probably hire the best matches for your culture, if your applicants know who their potential coworkers are and have an idea of what working at your company looks like.

In present times, sourcing candidates via Facebook is probably one of the hottest trend within the domain of recruitment. More and more employers should leverage this activity so, that they are able to tap talent and end up hiring the very best for their organizations.

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