Advantages of Permanent Employment over Contractual Employment

Permanent Employment

permanent employment

So, one of the biggest questions in the industry is why would anyone want to go permanent employment rather than contract? Well, while some may think that freelance opportunities can lead to earning more money, some are in favor of lasting employment.

Needless to say that there are ample advantages of taking up a permanent employment.

In some instances, this may be the case but if you look at the amount of work over a whole year and look at the bigger picture, this might not always be the best thing to jump into.

When you progress in your career and move up the ladder, a lot of senior perpetual employees can actually earn almost as much, if not more than a freelancer. In addition, a perpetual employment position offers a lot of benefits that may include the following:

  • Life Insurance
  • Bonus
  • Meals
  • Pension
  • Healthcare benefits

One of the biggest benefits of a permanent employment is job security. Whereas on the other hand, if you accept a contract position, chances are that, the contract is not renewed after a span of time. Some other benefits of a permanent employment are explained below:

#1. Job security:

In a perpetual employment job, what is most beneficial is that, that security aspect of the job. It is relatively easy to move up the ladder if you are in a permanent employment service. However, it might not be the same if you are under a contractual employment service. While in a permanent employment contact, you need not worry about next role when you are awaiting the renewal of your job contract.

#2. Training:

Another benefit of accepting a permanent employment contract is the fact that, one can avail a lot of professional training. Usually a company does invest on its employees and provide them with the required training from time to time.

#3. Career growth:

Studies and statistics have revealed that, if an employee holds a long-lasting employment position, there are more chances of him to scale up the career ladder than in a freelance or contractual position. Stable employment individuals are always given preference over freelancers or contractual employees thereby, promising a better career growth. Alternately, it has also been proven that employees under permanent job contract are much more satisfied and intend to perform better as compared to others.

So, the best thing to do is to have a look at the bigger picture and look at the positive aspects of a lasting employment. A permanent employment is always preferable than a contractual one.


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