WOW You’re New Hires with Unique Onboarding Activities

Employee onboarding activities represent the moment of truth of a company. Indeed, the first impressions matter. If employees encounter disarray and chaos amid their first week of joining, they presumably would not like to continue in the same organization. However, companies with incredible onboarding programs can hope to hold employees for longer haul.

So, what exactly is the amount of attention would you say you are paying to your company’s own onboarding activity program? Investigating it is important.

Realize that great onboarding is essential for companies, not exclusively to make new employees but additionally to give them all the correct tools to have the capacity to be efficient at their new job.

Onboarding activities employers can do

The compelling onboarding activities can improve employee performance by 11.5%. Understanding how to persuade new hires is basic for individual performance and with this employers can indeed retain employees for a longer time.

Having unhappy new hires at work can also hurt team performance, so as to ensure that new hires haven’t committed an error in tolerating their new job, team training play a vital role. Having new hires create ideas is also profitable because new hires have “fresh eyes” and an outsider’s perspective. At this juncture, Employee retention can be improved using distinctive onboarding variations.

Most conventional “first-day-just onboarding” shockingly has an insignificant effect on retention because just 4% of new hires choose after the first day that they are sure they need to stay with their present company. In any case, if the new hires partake in a structured onboarding process, 66% of them are probably going to stay with a company for longer than 3 years.

Luckily, there are several elements that you can add to your onboarding process with a specific end goal to improve retention. Wipro, for instance, made an employee-focused onboarding process that emphasized the individual strengths of the new hires. Following six months, the partaking new hires were as much as 32% less prone to quit, than those who had taken an interest in the customary company-focused onboarding.

Pre-boarding activities can get new hires connected with quickly.

If you need new hires to “hit the ground running”, it’s vital to diminish “first day” stress even before they start work to get new hires completely drawn in with the company.

Some great companies send “an electronic welcome bundle”, with the company history, center values, press clippings and what a new employee should expect amid their first day, week and month. Also, the prior night starting, new employees at get a call from their immediate supervisor to ensure that they know “where to show up and when”. What more?

If every employer begins to plan such unique onboarding programs for their employees, hiring will become a long-lasting success not just for the hiring managers but also for the employees on board. They are the corner stone of every company. Keeping new employees happy means, securing experienced employees for rest of the time.

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