Why Sourcing Candidates via Job Portals Makes Sense?

Over time, the overall idea of hiring job candidates have changed drastically and employers have begun resorting new talent acquisition strategies in order to hire the very best possible candidates for their organizations.

While social recruiting happens to be one of the most favoured talent acquisition strategies in modern days, employers still look for job portals in order to hire new job candidates.

Well, as an employer if you think that job portals might not be the right place to search for jobs, then think twice. There are ample reasons to include a job portal in your modern talent acquisition strategy.

Some of the reasons to resort to job portals for hiring some great job candidates are explained below:

#1. Offer a huge pool of candidates

The first and foremost reason for employers to resort to a job portal is that, these job portals usually offer a huge pool of candidates. Yes. Job portals are not just platforms where employers post their job vacancies. Job portals are also platforms where job candidates share their resumes so that recruiters can easily get in touch with them whenever there is a suitable vacancy. A ready resume database, can make it much easier for the employer to look for job candidates.

#2. Reduced screening time

The next major benefit for searching for job candidates on a job portal is that, it helps in reducing the screening time to a considerable extent. When employers post a job ad, they get a chance to regulate requirements and exclusion factors. This way, only matching candidates’ profiles reach their inbox. Instead of looking through piles of resumes to discover qualified candidates, recruiters or HR managers evaluate resumes that meet their minimum requirements.

# 3. Meet job seekers half-way

Job boards offer candidates and recruiters the same opportunities to find one other. Recruiters receive qualified resumes and candidates get notified about job vacancies that match their preferences. Automatic notifications make the resume search easier, for everybody. Doesn’t this make talent acquisition strategies much easier?

#4. Let recruiters focus on their desired audience

Every job board has a different niche – based on location, industry, experience level, etc. Recruiters can strategically choose specialized; boutique job boards to bring them closer to the people they want to hire.

Working towards and developing a sound talent acquisition strategy is essential in order to tap some of the best possible job candidates. As an employer, you must understand that you should not leave a single stone unturned while it comes to hiring. Do your best and you will be able to acquire some of the talent for your organization.


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