Why Does Organizations Need to Implement Applicant Tracking Systems?

Most employers are of the opinion that nearly 30% of the candidates do not possess the required skills to break into a job. Applicant tracking systems came about when employers needed a way to deal with this flood of finding candidate resumes.

Today’s ATS systems are developed to scan for keywords, employment history and college records to identify viable candidates. The best ATS now available will take the data entry out your hiring and leave you time to concentrate on the chewy human question of who you should hire and work with.

More and more organizations are resorting to the use of ATSs in order to locate candidate resumes for job openings. Needless to say that with automation of jobs foraying in, organizations are embracing different ways for searching candidate resumes.

There are ample benefits, in the way an ATS can help an organization in the process of candidate selection. Some of the benefits are explained below:

#1. Ease the workload of recruiters: The first biggest advantage of an ATS to recruiters is that, it eases their workload to a great extent. Searching candidate resumes is a not an easy task, especially when has to parse through thousands of them almost on a daily basis. And this is where, there is a requirement of ATS arises.

ATSs help identify qualified applicants and reducing time-to-hire. Elements like resume parsing, online job posting, and interview scheduling can help relieve much of the manual work associated with finding ideal candidates, allocating more of your time to other pertinent hiring efforts.

#2. Reduce administrative and personnel costs: The next big thing about implementing strong ATSs is the fact that, it enables in reducing administrative and personnel costs of an organization to a great extent. With an ATS, finding candidate resumes, communicating with candidates, entering data, and handling administrative duties no longer need to be so time-consuming and ultimately expensive in terms of man hours. These personnel-related expenses, along with those associated with piles of paperwork, can be minimized with e-recruiting automation.

#3. Overall improved quality of hire: It might come as a surprise, but apart from finding candidate resumes, the implementation of ATSs also in way work towards improving the overall quality of hire. An ATS can use its pre-planned qualifications and standards to help you select the best possible candidates. Also, because an ATS may help in reducing time-to-hire, recruiters can keep high-quality applicants more engaged and of course retaining.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, other benefits that an ATS can offer an organization include, alleviate compliance concerns, improve candidate experience and even succession planning.

Implementing an ATS in your organization for recruitment and hiring process has ample benefits. Make sure that you implement the same.


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