The Best Art Startups in India for Creative Enthusiasts

Startups in India

Every individual is a hidden artist. He knows the art of something, others probably only wonder. It could be creating a handmade craft or painting with knife, or it could be the interior decoration with waste material. Art, in whichever you utilize comes from straight from the heart and indeed gives plenty of options to make money with too. Owing to the growing passion of art and craft enthusiasts, several startups in India have emerged as an opportunity to make business and expand the horizons of those who want to do something different. If you happen to be one of those art and craft lovers and dream to commence your own startup, then have a look at some amazing options that can help you accomplish your dream project.

Following are some of the best art and craft startups in India to watch out:


A super-fast growing startup available online for millions of art lovers and designers. The platform allows art and craft enthusiasts to contribute their best pieces in whichever art they excel for instance home décor, clothing, craft from waste, stationery, paper bags, and more. The exclusive artwork showcased is certain to drive a greater visibility than having those skills hidden inside the four walls of home. Check out

Oregano Art

This online platform offers a spectrum of fantastic artworks used by latest technologies deriving from original paintings. Browsers become customers here within a glimpse of an eye. The artworks are sure to catch their eye balls and suffice to make them buy a unique art piece for their living or bedroom. Don’t trust? Check out


When we talk about dynamic art, we talk about Zobna. The name is the first of its kind place to put forth a multitude of wall art and contemporary art work across India. One of the best startups in India and it takes photography to a whole new level. Customers are always enchanted with the experience of shopping at Zobna. Art lovers can start their own business by simply coming up with what best they can create. Doesn’t it sound easy? Check out


When you are a beginner, freelancing is a great opportunity. Colorvan enables new bees to display their art work, create their videos with listing page and expand their business reach altogether. What is better than earning for what you love to do? Do not connect with us? Check out


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