Talent Acquisition Strategies of the Future: A Quick Look

The war for talent continues to remain a hard-hitting fact in the corporate world across continents. New challenges seem to come up every time in the domain and recruiters are working towards balancing them out.

With each passing day, employers are in the process of developing new talent acquisition strategies that would enable them to attract and retain the best possible talent.

Several predictions and speculations are on the way of developing and embracing new talent acquisition strategies. Some of the talent acquisition strategies that are going to be dominant in the coming years, at least till 2020 are explained in the below paragraphs:

#1. Employer branding will continue to remain a priority

Employer branding will continue to be a top priority because, just as companies keep tap for scouting talent, so does job seekers. These days’ jobseekers have also become very conscious about the kind of job profiles they are looking for and also about the company repute. Candidates also want to work for companies that are ready to offer them something more other than simple a month-end salary.

This is precisely the reason why developing a good employer branding is essential in order to fulfill organization’s talent acquisition strategies.

#2. Employee referral programs will become very prominent

Among all major talent acquisition strategies, in the coming few years’ employee referral programs will continue to remain a top priority. Although employee referrals remain the top source of quality hire rated by recruiters, companies allocate only 9 percent of their recruiting budgets for employee referral programs. Most recruiting expenses lie on such traditional channels as job boards (30%) and staffing agencies (22%).

Despite all these, organisations will continue to leverage the power of employee referral as one of the major talent acquisition strategies. Consequences from every source reveals that employee referral is one of the better forms of talent acquisition strategies. Companies should try and make the most of it and ensure that they are able to tap the best possible candidates

However, in order to leverage the power of referral programs, one needs a sound engaged workforce. And to develop a sound engaged workforce, one has to provide good employee recognition programs. Only when an employee feels valued and recognized, only then they will be able to refer their friends and acquaintances.

#3. Diversity hiring will continue to rise

There has been a lot of hullaballoo regarding diversity at workplace and how to promote the aspect of diversity. Owing to this, diversity hiring will continue to be among the top talent acquisition strategies in the coming years.

According to a report published by LinkedIn, 37 % HR leaders share opinions that hiring for more diversity will shape the recruitment industry in the next few years.

This trend has become a leading talent acquisition strategy for a lot of big companies, including renowned names in technology, energy, construction, hospitality, and so on around the globe. They not only increase diversity in their workforce in their projects or branches but also head offices.

New-age inventions and technical expertise is all set to give a whole new dimension to recruitment and hiring. The above-mentioned strategies are definitely going to have some positive impact on the overall process of talent acquisition.


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